Niki Sada Nam
Founder of White LIGHT Yoga

Niki is a kundalini yoga teacher and a clinical psychotherapist. She is licensed with a private practice in the greater Munich Area, Germany and travels around the world to coach and teach. Sada Nam received her Kundalini Yoga training from Gurmukh and Tej Khalsa in India and L.A.,California. In her classes and international retreats in Europe, India, Singapore and Bali, she works her healing magic by helping people be their highest selves through her heart-centered and compassionate teachings and life coachings. She specializes in eclectic Life Coaching, as well as working with women, holding Goddess Classes and healing rituals around the world. Niki trains students very effectively in Private Retreats in one-on-one sessions (1 day to 7 day long) helping them to transform into their greatest versions with Love and dedication.

“God is my employer. I am forever grateful for the blessings that my teachers and the infinite bestowed upon me and my path of service”.

“Let the wind be behind you, angels dance with you, and your consciousness guide you to victory” (Yogi Bhajan)