Welcome home. I’m glad you found your way.

How did we get here? You may ask.. Well, sometimes your destiny takes interesting turns to make us do the things you came to do and not always does this path look like the one you might have imagined…I would suggest to enjoy the ride.

Coming from a very research driven and academic training – I felt rooted in the „explainable“ and measurable sciences. It was in 2012 when I traveled to California to conduct interviews for my dissertation and I met Thommy Rosen (Recovery 2.0) from Santa Monica for the first time, I experienced my first Kundalini Class and was deeply touched.

I couldn’t forget the Mantras & the practice and since KY Centers were non-existing in my town, I decided soon after to learn how to teach and build a little Community in Southern Germany, besides my main work as a clinical psychotherapist in private practice.

It astounded me how much could be healed and helped through awareness based therapy, yoga and breath work. Soon after I saw significant change in a lot of patients without the use of medication and it made me so happy to have rediscovered this beautiful 5000 year old science, that our modern day research is trying to make sense of. New Research extensively conducted on Kundalini Meditations showed significant change in Brain Activity and improvement for Alzheimer prevention and treatment.


My journey with Kundalini Yoga began very rapid, after practicing many different styles of yoga I fell in love with this style so fast and finished my Teacher Training in Rishikesh India with my dear first Teacher Gurmukh Kaur and Gurushabd from Los Angeles (www.goldenbridge.com) to whom I will be grateful eternally. I studied Level II  and was mentored by Tej Khalsa (www.ninetreasuresyoga.com) in Hollywood,Los Angeles. My deepest love and thanks. At the moment I am in the process of entering into the Aquarian Academy to become a Lead Teacher under the Mentorship of Jivan Mukta, PhD from Chile.


If you feel called, then I invite you from my heart to join us either in Germany, online or on the many places around the world (Greece, Bali, Ibiza, L.A., Singapore, Germany etc.) where I am teaching the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga and Psychotherapy often in fusion classes.

Sada Nam is my spiritual Name and the meaning refers to “ Truth is my name – Always Truth – experience GOD/Universe through immersing yourself in Gods name“.

Let me help you to find your truth, and come to see your highest potential.


Love, Light & Miracles.

Niki Sada Nam


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